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Love Story -- By Tangerine and Laizee.
PG-10. Contains mild violence; sexual themes and moaning.

It was a misty and foggyful day.

The moon was very sad, because she had lost her underwear.

The underwear was on a tree, and so she had to descend gravefully down to Earth. Unfortunately, she did not bring a hammer to take out the nail.

But luckily, upon the tree lived a little green leaf*. It was a super-leaf."Do not worry, moon," said super-leaf. "I will help you."

"How do I get my nail without a hammer?" asked the moon.

"AH. But don't you want your underwear?" said the super-leaf slyly.

"Yes. But my underwear is nailed to the tree. ;___; HOW????? DO???? I???? GET!?!?!?!? THE UNDERWEAR!?!?!?!? WITHOUT!?!?!?!? GETTING!!!!! THE NAIL?!??????"

"Perhaps," said super-leaf intelligently. "The tree is nailed to the underwear. We must get the tree out of the nail."

The tree (who had been listening) was very angry when he heard this so he ate super-leaf. That was the end of super-leaf!! :( The moon was very sad. "How will I get my underwear!?" she wept.

Two days later, the moon realised she had a crush on super-leaf. "I love super-leaf!" she moaned (sexually). "I love his throbbing veins!" She lusted after his lost green sheen.

And then she realised that 'he' was really a 'she'.

"I am gay!" she moaned (sexually). Then she realised (without her underwear, you see!) that she was really a he!

The sun did not know this.

One day the sun came to the moon's for tea.

"Haha moon! You are gay!" the sun taunted.

"Haha sun! I have nailed your underwear to the tree!!!!" moaned the moon (sexually).

The sun was sad and so she died.

The world imploded.

The moon suddenly heard someone going, "Hokai."

....yah, hokai. That was the end.

Moral of the story: Don't nail underwear to trees. RIP super-leaf. P.S. Don't nail trees to underwear either.

WE'RE WATCHING YOU!!! ^____________________________^

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