Dan (having_a_blast) wrote in memoriae,

*strums on harp*

Ode to Pooja Bharat

Oh, young bold Pooja.
Always in our hearts
Even though she Scoot(ers)
off, for months on end
And leaves us all alone
Without a young indian
girl to call our own
that evil Brett Lee lover

She make us all laugh though
for many different reasons
she's the opposite of a ho
and she thinks scat is kittens
She was one the CW noobies
And rocked the headlines
when she bruised her boobies
ducking into a Demeza bouncer

and yes I do call her farter
But I do it with love and care
because we all know she's smarter
than the average bear(and pancake)
i've heard she likes animals
in ways not many do
at least she's not like hannibal
and eats peoples kidneys

But Pooja's like a hare
no a bear
no a mare
but she's got better hair
it makes you stop and stare
while she's standing over there
getting people to the fair
never stopping to ask where
she might find a chair
or even find a pair
she'd enter the dragon's lair
on her quest for a pear
the golden pear it's rare
she'll snatch it with a snare
how will our heroine fare
with her knees exposed and bare
does anyone even care?

the answer is yes
of course
we all care muchly
'cause pooja is our friend
you know
like dick dastardly and muttley

so i sign this ode to pooja
and give to her, kaif
so she can settle down happily
as an indian housewife
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