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There hasn't been any posts for a while. Stupid school! :)

4 from "The 10th Kingdom"

1 from "The Rocky Horror picture show."

1 from "Pokémon"

1 from "Brother Bear."

1. Image hosted by 2. Image hosted by 3. Image hosted by 4. Image hosted by

1. Image hosted by

1. Image hosted by (I know it's big, I forgot to resize it xD)

1. Image hosted by (This was entered in a icontest and didn't win :D)

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They're gorgeous, as usual! <3 OMGOMG THAT PINK THING!!! Is it Jigglypuff?? Wigglytuff?!?! O_O IT'S GORGEEEEEOOOOOOUS! <3 I wish I knew how to do animation! I love the text stuff!

And yeah, stupid school keeps me too busy to make icons. :(
:( School *stabs*

Thank-you! :D Animated icons take forever to make >.< The one that has the movie in it, that took me three days. >.