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[Thursday Jul 13th 2006, 03:37am ]


Love Story -- By Tangerine and Laizee.
PG-10. Contains mild violence; sexual themes and moaning.

It was a misty and foggyful day.

The moon was very sad, because she had lost her underwear.

The underwear was on a tree, and so she had to descend gravefully down to Earth. Unfortunately, she did not bring a hammer to take out the nail.

But luckily, upon the tree lived a little green leaf*. It was a super-leaf."Do not worry, moon," said super-leaf. "I will help you."

"How do I get my nail without a hammer?" asked the moon.

"AH. But don't you want your underwear?" said the super-leaf slyly.

"Yes. But my underwear is nailed to the tree. ;___; HOW????? DO???? I???? GET!?!?!?!? THE UNDERWEAR!?!?!?!? WITHOUT!?!?!?!? GETTING!!!!! THE NAIL?!??????"

"Perhaps," said super-leaf intelligently. "The tree is nailed to the underwear. We must get the tree out of the nail."

The tree (who had been listening) was very angry when he heard this so he ate super-leaf. That was the end of super-leaf!! :( The moon was very sad. "How will I get my underwear!?" she wept.

Two days later, the moon realised she had a crush on super-leaf. "I love super-leaf!" she moaned (sexually). "I love his throbbing veins!" She lusted after his lost green sheen.

And then she realised that 'he' was really a 'she'.

"I am gay!" she moaned (sexually). Then she realised (without her underwear, you see!) that she was really a he!

The sun did not know this.

One day the sun came to the moon's for tea.

"Haha moon! You are gay!" the sun taunted.

"Haha sun! I have nailed your underwear to the tree!!!!" moaned the moon (sexually).

The sun was sad and so she died.

The world imploded.

The moon suddenly heard someone going, "Hokai."

....yah, hokai. That was the end.

Moral of the story: Don't nail underwear to trees. RIP super-leaf. P.S. Don't nail trees to underwear either.

WE'RE WATCHING YOU!!! ^____________________________^

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*strums on harp* [Tuesday Jun 20th 2006, 04:43pm ]

Ode to Pooja Bharat

Oh, young bold Pooja.
Always in our hearts
Even though she Scoot(ers)
off, for months on end
And leaves us all alone
Without a young indian
girl to call our own
that evil Brett Lee lover

She make us all laugh though
for many different reasons
she's the opposite of a ho
and she thinks scat is kittens
She was one the CW noobies
And rocked the headlines
when she bruised her boobies
ducking into a Demeza bouncer

and yes I do call her farter
But I do it with love and care
because we all know she's smarter
than the average bear(and pancake)
i've heard she likes animals
in ways not many do
at least she's not like hannibal
and eats peoples kidneys

But Pooja's like a hare
no a bear
no a mare
but she's got better hair
it makes you stop and stare
while she's standing over there
getting people to the fair
never stopping to ask where
she might find a chair
or even find a pair
she'd enter the dragon's lair
on her quest for a pear
the golden pear it's rare
she'll snatch it with a snare
how will our heroine fare
with her knees exposed and bare
does anyone even care?

the answer is yes
of course
we all care muchly
'cause pooja is our friend
you know
like dick dastardly and muttley

so i sign this ode to pooja
and give to her, kaif
so she can settle down happily
as an indian housewife
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[Tuesday Jun 20th 2006, 04:02pm ]

I'm as bored as fuck at work, so I'm going to write rubbish poetry and pass it off as Memoriae-worthy. (Plus, this place is like...DEAD! HELLO! IT LIVES!! WITH POOJA'S CRAPPY POETRY!!)

Ode To Fashley

Oh Fashley you flashy little flasher
How I love thee!
But nana asks, sadly
Tears trickling down her face..
Fashley, you disgrace

the frog nation arises in anger
they are wankers of the first water
fashley, their first daughter

Ode to Shauna

Shauna doesn't rhyme with much.
Actually, neither does much.
Shauna is TRULY innocent!
Let's give her a present!
La la la la~

Shauna used to have a purple cow.
But ah, where is it NOW???
Oh noble purple cow
someone will have your babies
and then...they'll give you rabies.

Ode to Dan
Dan calls me farter
But I know I'm smarter
than to fart in front of him.

He knows Kaif
I am Kaif's wife (lol really)
Humble Kumble bowled a ball
and took a tiny tumble.

Ode to DC

DC IS A BAD MAN ^____^
DC IS A SAD MAN ;____;

I'm so sorry Dee Cee
But humans cannot have intercourse with cockroaches
It's not ethical.
In another life.

;_______________________; EVERYBODY! Join me! Write poetry with me! I'm...I'm really bad at this aren't I. =( gosh i sux.

i sux
lyk trux
of POO!

wen i wuz baby
u noe juz maybe
i wore diaper
one day eoff sniper
came an shoot hole
and diaper wuz stole

.....No, I'm really going to stop now.

Ode to Self
Roses are red, violets are blue.
Your poetry sucks, but not you! ♥

Goodbye everybody. I'm sorry. >_< I deserve to be fired. Right now. FIRE ME.

Edit: (One more emo poem! ^_^ plz!)

Emo Poem
sometimes i want to die
and i cry and cry and cry
sometimes i h8 u all
i feel so small, so small
sometimes i feel so bald
so dead, so young, so old
and i am cold.
and i am old.
and i am sold.
and i am bold.
and i am rolled
around this confusing crazy scary frightening world
and i want to slit my wrist and die
and i cry and cry and cry and cry and cry
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!1111111111111111111 FUCK YOU!!!!!!!11111111
I H8 YOU1111111111
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!1111
let me die
let me stab my toe and die
let me die
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I'm weird. [Monday Jan 23rd 2006, 07:30pm ]

[ mood | Mopey ]



Freewebs. OMG.

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[Tuesday Dec 6th 2005, 08:49pm ]

[ mood | sad ]

It's been a while since anyone has posted here.
*watches a tumbleweed roll by*

I only have a few new things.

1 - Monty python.
1 - Aqua.
1 - Disney.
2 - Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
3 - Final Fantasy.
3 - Kelly Clarkson.
6 - Nightwish.

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[Tuesday Sep 20th 2005, 08:23pm ]

[ mood | annoyed ]

School keeps away the creation of the icons. :o

1 from "CCS"

1 from "Snow White"

1 from the movie "Thirteen"

2 From "Final fantasy"

5 from the movie "Clue" (Not a well known movie, but I love it <3 )

7 from the TV series "Dead Like me"

I am your singing telegram!Collapse )

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[Thursday Sep 8th 2005, 09:16pm ]

[ mood | bouncy ]

There hasn't been any posts for a while. Stupid school! :)

4 from "The 10th Kingdom"

1 from "The Rocky Horror picture show."

1 from "Pokémon"

1 from "Brother Bear."

The icons yoCollapse )

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Awards [Resha] [Wednesday Aug 31st 2005, 02:57am ]

In this here entry, I'll put up anything I win i.e. screencaps, the winning icons, banners I receive; whatnot. This entry will keep a record of (if any xD) my achievements, and it'll constantly be updated. There will be a link to this entry in the User Info. section. :)

Teh stuffs.Collapse )
-Memoriae ad infinitum-

OOOOOOOOOOMG ICONTESTS!!!!!!!!!! >=0 [Monday Aug 29th 2005, 10:42pm ]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Well, last week I entered my first ever Icontest...and I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING @_@ I mean..w00t. The icon I submitted was rubbish compared to the other icons; but honestly!!! >=000000000000


Here's the link to the place, so you can see. xP


Also, congratulations to damaged_wing who won two things!! <333333 Your icon ROCKED.

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[Wednesday Aug 24th 2005, 02:23pm ]

*first time posting* Yay!

The first one is from a manga called "W Juliet" and the second one is also from a manga/Anime called "Full Moon"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Two siggy-type thingies? [Tuesday Aug 23rd 2005, 03:15am ]

[ mood | busy ]

Main, Fiends, Calendar, User info.

I made two new sigs. They aren't that great, but I had to make something!!! ;__; Productivity rules.
You guessed it...

Final Fantasy VIII - Rinoa's Hand (again!)

0.1//Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Blue Version

0.2//Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Red Version

Well, yeah, the FFVIII pics are still going strong. I entered my first ever LJ Icon competition today! >=o I doubt I'll win or anything; but whatever. It's my first time! ^_^ I'm happy. I know no one's actually using (or looking at) these things yet; but I'm going to flit around until someone does!!! And hopefully I'll imrpove lots too. :D Huzzah.
-Memoriae ad infinitum-

More! [Monday Aug 22nd 2005, 02:54am ]

[ mood | busy ]

This time I made a siggy (which I think I'm gonna use for a little while xDDD) which I'll just post up for fun anyways, and 3 LJ icons. They're nicer than the previous!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

3 LJ IconsCollapse )

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[Sunday Aug 21st 2005, 05:58am ]

[ mood | busy ]

Well, except for a small glitch with the links to my main, friends, calendar and user info. sections, the rest of the layout is okey dokes. I'm so sorry about the ickle glitch! I'll try and fix it ASAP. In the meantime, let me commemorate with my first ever bunch of graphics on here. Ok, they're just variations of the same one, but whatever.

Feel free to take 'em! ^_^

4 LJ IconsCollapse )

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Testing. [Sunday Aug 21st 2005, 05:06am ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Just testing!

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